Our Commitment To The Environment

Photo Credit: ©2017 Rosana Constantino. My homemade lemon and rosemary all-purpose cleaner.

The environmental benefits of cleaning using green products are almost innumerable, as cleaning by-products can often linger on surfaces and find a way to seep into our ground water. Thus, cleaning products can not only contaminate our bodies, they can affect all forms of wildlife and even our drinking resources. Our approach to using earth friendly ingredients in the cleaning products we use can greatly reduce the negative impact on our planet’s ecosystem.

There are also social benefits to adhering to green practices, as they provide a holistic approach to the cleaning process by taking both environmental and human factors into account. Our green practices respect the environment and account for collateral events that result from the cleaning process. Events such as who gets negatively affected when cleaning, what happens to discarded packaging, when is too much carbon dioxide used to get to point B, where the cleaning products are sourced from, and how expended cleaning supplies are disposed of.

We are committed to being conscious of our impact during every step of the process so that we can better protect our environment and yours.

Our Values

  • We value and respect our earth and the life that flourishes in it.
  • We value and respect your space and those who live and work in it.
  • We value and respect the health and safety of those who care for the environment.

Our Founder

Green cleaning veteran Rosana Constantino has been practicing environmentally safe cleaning since before it became popular (sometime around the turn of the century). Neat Lemon is her second woman-owned green cleaning business that she started in 2011.

Rosana has always had a concern for the environment and the well-being of people and their pets. By taking a holistic approach that considers the needs of the environment, its occupants, provides friendly service, and throws in some good old elbow grease, Rosana strives to do her part, one environmentally friendly cleaning at a time.